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The Romantics
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Monday, August 13th, 2007
12:00 am
A little less conversation...
A little more action!

Byron: (singing) Daisy Daisy, I'm half crazy over my love of you
Keats: (walks in) Hey you sound happy
Byron: I got great news!
Keats: Really?
Byron: Yes! I got an "A" on my Chemistry midterm!
Keats: I thought you were taking Bio?
Byron: Apparently not!

(Because he would take the wrong test or, hell, just bloody not pay attention the entire semester)
Tuesday, August 7th, 2007
10:59 pm
Hey Everyone!
It's been quite awhile since this was updated.  I am sorry to say that although I have more material for this I still haven the time to update it.

Any help is appreciated since I'm kinda ditsy.
Tuesday, December 13th, 2005
9:58 pm
Byron's coming back...
The Churchyard Poets include Thomas Warton, Thomas Percy, Thomas Gray, James MacPherson, Robert Blair, William Collins, Joseph Warton, and even Thomas Chatterton's forgeries.
The poets of the Lake School were Robert Southey, William Wordsworth, and Samuel Taylor Coleridge
Professors of our Illustrious School, wouldn't you say, Shelley? Keats?

The question is... what were the other writers we were including in our list of nobles?

Also, I believe if I can wrangle it into the timeline the boyos should spend a semester abraod. prehaps doing a 'grand tour' of europe.

I want to be able to use this cnversation:
Byron: You smell that Shelley? That is the hallowedness of gandure.
Shelley: Byron I'm claustraphobic in here, why did you drag me way over in the stupid corner, anyway?
Keats: He wants to 'comune with the writer's whose ink has long been dust'.
Shelly: *yelps* Don't DO that Keats.
Keats: 'Softly, softly'.
Byron: Yes, we know you got to go to Stratford on Avon, loser. Stop rubbing it in.
Keats: At least for once I was in a room that didn't smell of an orgy. Honestly By, even when they don't speak english.
Shelley: *whines* But why are we in this corner?
Prof: Ah ha! Mr. Gordon, you and your freinds have found poet's corner, have you?
Byron: Yes sir. I was just wishing my bones could be gone to dust beneath the feet of the royalty of England.
Prof: Haha! Maybe someday my boy, you'll be famous enough to be buried here amoungst the greast writers of England.

Current Mood: creative
Wednesday, August 31st, 2005
10:51 pm
Welcome to "The Romantics" pandatronic . I really hope that our relationship will be long and our partnership will be fruitful!

(Or better than trying to redesgin Byron while drunk)
Saturday, August 27th, 2005
2:31 am
You know it's bad when Byron is kicking around in your head with an idea and not coming though. It has somthing to do with when he moves in in year 2. He has women do it for him or he's carried in in a litter by *cough* nubile female "slaves". Something like that. The being carried in would totally be an entire comic, three panels of carrying and one of Byron debarking.

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Wednesday, July 13th, 2005
8:45 pm
Byorn, how we miss thee!
Byron *throwing things in the room*
Keats: Geor... By, uh, why is it that you keep uh, bringing home, uh, "friends"?
Byron: Simple Keats, *pokes head from under bed* I prey on the weaker sex.
Keats: I couldn't help noticing that Jamie was a boy though.
Byron: Anyone who is a weaker sexual being is a member of the weaker sex, Keats. You obviously suffur under the delusion that the "weaker sex" refers only to those of a feminie nature.
Keats (aside) Why doesn't Mary walk in on this discussion?

Keats: By, did you just tell that girl you're thinking about being a PREIST? You aren't even catholic!
Byron: Shows how much you know, I am too catholic. I go to Mass every Sunday.
Keats: I never see you until noon on Sunday! And then all you do is pass out on your bed until Tuesday!
Byron: Yeah, I always go to mass at 7 am. That way, I'm still up. Sorber is debatable, but awake is a sureity.
Keats: (aside) Predestination, predesintation, predestination...

Keats: *is slushed* Byron, why haven't you slept with me?
Byron: *inebrated* Because you're my freind. My asexual, rocklike, freind.
Keats: But I'm not.
Byron: Sure you are, look in the mirror you're even all grey and stuff.
*they look in the mirror*
Keats: Hard to argue with the at.

Byron's song of love. At first I was like, oh, it's totally, "Girls, girls, girls" by the Beastie Boys! Then I realized that it's probably "Anyway you want it" by Journey

Journey - Any Way You Want It Lyrics
Any way you want it
thats the way you need it
Anyway you want it

She loves to laugh (i always thought it said she LOST alot of things)
she loves to sing
she does everything
she loves to move
she loves to groove
she loves a lot of things

All night
All right
oo everynight
so hold tight
hold tight
ooo baby hold tight

any way you want it
thats the way you need it
any way you want it
thats the way you need it
any way you want it

i was alone i never knew
what love could do
then we touched
and we sang
about the lovely things

Oooh all night
all night
oh everynight
so hold tight
hold tight

oo baby hold tight
she said anyway you want it
thats the way you need it
she said oooooo oooooooo
Sunday, June 19th, 2005
4:16 pm
Dear Byron
Dear George,

I got your letter. It sounds like you are doing alright. I still can't believe that Mary is letting her sister sleep with you.

Anyway, I am working for Mr. Thomas at the gas station pumping gas for him. He's in his 50s and can't get around in the heat very well anymore. He says he can afford to pay me 7 an hour but I seriously doubt it.

Since it's already June it's time for the first haying so I took a week off and went down to Jasmine Farm because they'll let us sleep in the barn and pay 10 an hour for the haying. My brother came with me but I was worried about his asthma so he rode the bailer most of the day. Greg showed him how to tie a bandana in "desperado style" to keep the dust out of his mouth. Mrs. Morgan made me put on the same kind of bandana when I came in from lunch the secound day. That or I wouldn't get to work.

I wonder what the Catts and the Morgans would make of you, By. They are a bit tradtional: large, freindly, Catholic families. Anyway I see the rain is about to let up so I will dash up to the house for supper.


John Keats

Current Mood: "I could never leave her.."
Sunday, June 12th, 2005
11:56 pm
Beauty is truth, truth beauty, – that is all
Ye know on earth, and all ye need to know. – John Keats
7:26 pm
(taken from later entries about them)
*Byron and Keats showing the Bronte sisters the campus*
C. Bronte: Oh, my sister ever dear to my heart can you not tell that it is you whom I regard as the better of us three? Indeed you are the queen of my heart!
A. Bronte: How can you say that C? Of us three certainly you are the most generous of us and truely the apple of papa's eye. Therefore you deserve to be the queen of our hearts!
B. Bronte: Surely that is so! Why C you are the most proficient writer of us three therefore you are an angel of the pen as well as queen of our hearts!
*Byron to Keats, nugde-nugde* See, told you, lesbians.

*Keats finds a shoe box under Byron's desk*
Keats: What are these, Byron?
*Byron makes a grab for them*
Byron: Nothing! Give them here!
Keats reads aloud: I am sorry to say sister dear, that I have been much deceived in Mr. Gordon's affections. When I encountered him again on the green this past week-day he was quite distant and wholly unlike the warm affectionate gentaleman I met at the Hall social. One can only hope that if he returns to his former egearness I shall not be decieved again as to his regard... Fondly, your sister, Jane Austen"
You slept with our teacher!?!
Byron: *cough* no. er, our teacher's neice.

Things On my Board
Keats: Shelly, can I stay in your room? Byron's in our room with ropes.
Shelly: But arn't you two roommates I really don't see why- *connects two fingers*- oh! Sure!come in!

Shelly: Keats why can't you study for exams in your room?
Keats: Byron is studing in there.
Shelly: So?
Keats: Byron likes to study neaked.
Shelly: Oh, there is that

Byron: Hey, Shelley, I'm going to Switzerland over summer break. Want to come?
Shelley: Well, I don't know. I was planning on spending the summer with Mary.
Byron: Oh, come on. Switzerland's got mountains, Percy-my-man. Big, glorious, sublime mountains, all full of the glory of nature. With rugged, rocky slopes and deep, picturesque ravines. Perfect for hiking through in Birkenstocks.
Shelley: Stop tempting me.
Byron: Oh, yeah, and Mary's already agreed to go. She wanted to come along to keep an eye on her sister.
Shelley: Why didn't you tell me that in the first place?!
Byron: *shrug*
Shelley: Wait, I thought you and Mary's sister had broken up.
Byron: In the sense of being monogamous with each other, yes. In the sense of not sleeping with each other...
Shelley: You do remember that she's in high school.
Byron: She graduates next week.
Shelley: *rolls eyes in disgust* Switzerland sounds fun. Is Keats coming along, too?
Byron: Naw. He wants to spend the summer with his family or something. Weirdo.

Dear Keats,

The weather here in Switzerland is great! It hasn't stopped raining in three days so all four of us are stuck in a tiny cabin. You know what that means... camel races! Lots of Doungens and Dragons. Oh, and also a simi-orgy deal. I never realized how hot it is to watch two girls fight. Dude! I thought Shelly was gonna explode when Mary told him that "this tramp degrades women everywhere and also makes you, men, look like all you care about is sex, which is degradng to you too." He got all red and I had to explain to Mary that it was really that her sister was using her sexuality as a weapon against the opposite sex to get men who only care about sex to see women as more than objects. Like people with thoughts and feelings. She was really impressed and forgave her sister. I was waiting for hair pulling and clothes ripping... although that night I heard Mary and Shelly goin' at it. You cannot beleive how wipped she has him. Well, gotta go Mary's sister is the doungen master and she wants to teach me how to do a doungen crawl, if you know what I mean.

Your freind,

George Byron Gordan

Shelly: Keats has been over at my room all because you’ve been “laying about debauchedly”.
Byron: It’s just because I like to be comfortable, don’t yo like to be comfortable, Shelly?
Shelly: Well, yes- are those two neaked women on your bed Byron? How’d you do that I can’t even get Mary neaked!
Byron: We’re all comfortable here, Shelly, I’m comfortable, they’re comfortable, why can’t Keats be comfortable?
Shelly: Why are you touching me like that? Can you stop that?
Byron: C’mon Shelly, get comfortable, I bet you don’t say that to Mary.
Shelly: She won’t like it if you don’t stop!
Byron: Yeah, what is her problem anyway?
Shelly: You slept with her sister!

Byron: Keats! I have wine and it’s lonely, do you know what it’s lonely for, keats?
Keats: Other bottles of wine?
Byron: If it were only that simple! No Keats, this wine is lonely for human interaction! Do you know what that means Keats?
Keats: Uh, that we should drink it?
Byron: Well, if you want to be unoriginal.
Keats: What are you going to do with it?
Byron: Pour it onto the bodies of virgin girls.
Keats: There are no virgins on campus, you made sure of that.
Byron: But there are new freashmen.

Byron: Keats! I have special magic liquid for people like you... you know men!
Keats: No thanks, Byron. Why don’t you go try that one on Shelly?
Byron: Mary is with him *pouts*
Keats: Ah, and she wouldn’t like it. And you’re scared of her.
Byron: Only a little bit. Yeah, what is her problem anyway?
Keats: I dunno ever since you slept with her sister...

Austen is actaully about 10 years older than Byron,
Who is a few years older than Shelly,
Who is a few years older than Keats.

"Hell is a city much like London" Shelly

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7:05 pm
First Posties
(taken from the first entry made about these fools)

Setting would be present day, New England college, called Milton College with Thomas Gray library.

Byron and Keats would be roomies, Shelly would be the emo-soul-patched boy across the hall. Byron is a fratboy but with no frat affilation. He's slept with most of the campus. Keats is a former pre-med student turned English major who lives at his computer desk and has an inhaler and a girlfriend he met on the internet (and has only interacted with on the net).

Wordsworth is the long winded english teacher whose lectures go on forever, his specialty is poetry. Ann Radcliff would teach literature.

Shelly's girlfreind, Mary, is a gothqueen whose mother is a women's studies professor. She came in one day to berate Byron for sleeping with her underage sister and met Shelly and never left him alone again.

Various other 18th and 19th literary figures make cameos as grad students (Graveyard poets), persectives (Bronte sisters), and other co-ed (Oscar the drama minor).

Ever slept with a romantic poet? Oh Yeah!

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